About Us

About Us

About Us

A Globally Trusted Tax Refund Partner

Founded in December 2005, Global Tax Free is the world’s first Asian tax refund agency. Headquartered in Korea, we started as Taxfree Korea Co Ltd, operating the very first tax refund desk at Gimhae International Airport in 2007.

We have grown significantly since then. Today, we operate tax refund desks in international airports across the region. Staffed by professionals regionally, our presence continues to expand beyond Asia.

Global Tax Free launched in Singapore in 2011. We are now one of the largest tourist refund agencies in the country. Plans for expansion in 2020-2025 are already underway.

Empowering Easy Tax-free Shopping

Our years of experience in providing tax refund services has ingrained in us a deep understanding of the needs of tourists and retailers.
We partner with thousands of affiliated merchants across the region – an extensive international network of retail and lifestyle stores. Our partner network, together with our technology, makes tax free shopping easy for tourists.
Global Tax Free Singapore is authorised by Singapore’s authorities as a Central Refund Agent (CRA). We provide tax refund services on behalf of merchants across the country.

Our Milestone

    • 2019

      • Official refund operators in Incheon International Airport
    • 2018

      • Operates Singapore’s first tax refund service counter at ION Orchard
      • Commencement of Europe Operations
    • 2017

      • IPO and listing on KOSDAQ
      • Launched world’s first real-time refund system with UnionPay
      • Signed marketing agreement with Seoul Tourism Marketing
      • Launched Tax Refund Desk at Gimpo Int’l Airport
    • 2016

      • Designated Official CRC Operator at Changi Int’l Airport, Singapore
      • Launched Tax Refund Desk in Jeju Int’l airport
      • Secured funding from ARDIAN (Global Private Investment Fund)
    • 2015

      • Registered patent for tax refund treatment operation service
      • Signed Tencent tax refund service agreement
      • Launched guidebook for Chinese tourists
      • Signed UPI refund service agreement with UnionPay
      • Officially launched Japan office
      • First issue of Global Tax Free magazine
      • First company to be funded by Tourism fund, S.Korea
      • Launched tax refund operations in Jeju Int’l Airport
      • Launched tax refund operations at Canal City Hakata, Fukuoka
    • 2014

      • Designated corporation for Tax Refund on Hotel Tax Charges
      • Started business alliance with Chinese tourism website YIQIQUBA
      • Registered tax refund corporation in Japan
      • Joined Japanese refund association
      • Signed Refund Agreement with Transforex in Hong Kong
      • Launched Cheongju Int’l Airport Tax Refund Desk
      • Officially launched Singapore office
      • Signed service agreement with BC card
    • 2013

      • Started refund agreement with Alipay
      • Attained Singapore GST Tax Refund Licence (IRAS)
      • Launched 17 Downtown Tax Refund Desks across major department stores in Korea
      • Signed Local Refund Agreement with Bank of China
    • 2012

      • Incorporated Global Tax Free Japan
      • Launched Incheon Port Int’l Passenger Terminal Tax Refund Desk
      • Launched Busan Port Int’l Passenger Terminal Tax Refund Desk
      • Launched Jeju Airport Tax Refund Desk
    • 2011

      • Rebranded from Tax Free Korea to Global Tax Free
      • Incorporated Global Tax Free Pte Ltd in Singapore
      • Developed the first e-TRS system
      • Launched Incheon Int’l Airport Tax Refund Information Desk and Tax Refund
    • 2010

      • Established Jeju branch and appointment as VAT refund desk operator
      • Collaborated with Korea Tourist Service Inc. and Lotte Card for Korea Pass Card
      • Rolled out a patented application for electronic Tax Refund System (eTRS)
    • 2007

      • Launched Gimhae Int’l Airport Tax Refund Desk
    • 2005

      • Founded as the first Korean Tax Refund Company in the World
      • Patented system for the process of Value-Added Tax, Special Consumption Tax, Education Tax, Refund receipt and registration of tax refund programme
      • Collaboration with Smartro, Visa Korea, MasterCard and JCB
      • Registered the world’s first patent application “VAT, special tax, education tax refund slip” and refund program
    • Need assistance? Get in touch.

    • Need assistance? Get in touch